Graphic Designer with extensive experience using Adobe Creative Cloud. I have interests and skill sets in branding and identity design, publication and editorial design, and poster design. I utilize a heavy grid system in my work, with an emphasis on type, to give my designs a fresh, organized look. I am actively seeking a career in which my current skills and interests can be advanced and new skills can be learned.


Throughout my college career I have created pieces that are both influential to viewers as well as pieces that highlight my personality and personal interests. I draw inspiration from various artists such as Aaron James Draplin, David Carson, Chip Kidd, and Jessica Hische. Many of my works contain a strong use of typography as seen in works by Carson and Hische as well as a limited color base and grid system as commonly seen in pieces by Kidd. In the past four years I have developed a personal design style that resembles these artists.


My work ranges from books, to posters, to branding each with unique intentions. Many of my pieces have been aimed at brining awareness to issues or topics that commonly go unaddressed. My book Destination: Extinction aims to bring awareness to the issue of endangered species throughout the world. Similarly, my poster series Extra!! Extra!! President Slain aims to bring attention to the assassinations of four United States Presidents, a fact that is seemingly unknown to many. Both pieces have been recognized for their design and meaning: Destination: Extinction was a general winner of the 2018 Flux Student Design competition and was shown in a gallery in Frederick, Maryland; Extra!! Extra!! President Slain was a silver medalist in the ICDE 2019 poster design competition.

I feel that graphic design plays an important role in bringing awareness to various issues and topics. With graphic design, I believe we can better educate the public on important topics that may not be openly discussed for a variety of reasons. I believe that design is the perfect way to get people to pay attention to these issues as art tends to attract a wide audience. I believe that with design we can create a better world.

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