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Italian Artist of the Renaissance  

publication design

For this project I chose to focus on the four Italian Renaissance masters: Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Rafaello. I broke the book into four sections, one section for each artist. Each artist also received their own color to help separate the sections. Within their sections, ten of the artist’s best works are displayed. The works were placed in chronological order as were the artists themselves. The use of chronological order was used to avoid favoritism. Each artist also has a small sketchbook placed at the beginning of their section that shows drawings and process work for their pieces. A version of Mrs. Eaves typeface was used for the headings in the book and Big Caslon was used as the body copy to add contrast. I also decided to add a script font to form a pattern in the background of many spreads. I made the book 6x8in so that it was easier to hold and to avoid the look of a textbook. 

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