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Washington Generals

logo & brand design

Recently, there have been discussions about Washington changing their team name. Over the past few days, I developed a concept for a team name that I feel is a better representation of our nation’s capital. 


The Washington Generals represents one of our country’s founding fathers and our first president: George Washington. “Generals” stems from Washington’s time as a general in the Revolutionary War. 

The logo contains symbols representing both Washington, DC and the team’s newly proposed name. The letter “G” and the sword represent the Generals. The Washington Monument inside the letter “G” represents one of Wasington, DC’s most famous monuments and a symbol of our nation’s first president. 

Though I kept the team’s original colors of maroon, yellow, and white, I decided to focus on yellow as the team’s primary color to give them a fresh, new look. 

I feel the Washington Generals is more appropriate for a team representing our nation’s capital. Since the team is based in DC, I feel it is logical to select a name that encompasses important pieces of our nation’s beginning.  

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